All work submitted to a gallery show at Chromatic should be show-ready. "Show-ready" looks different for different kinds of works, but there are some general rules of thumb that most artworks should follow:

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 5.31.38 PM.png

All Physical Artworks
Your artwork should be labelled with your name and the title somewhere on the back if you have a 2D piece, or wherever appropriate if you have a 3D piece. This is helpful and professional for a variety of reasons, and in general is a courtesy to any gallery that might be displaying your artwork. (As a bonus, it lets anyone who purchases your work retain a record of who the artist is and what the title of the work they purchased is, even years down the line!)

2D Artwork - Hanging Hardware

Back your painting/canvas/frame with wire. It should look like this:

This canvas/frame is using "D-rings" and "Picture Frame Wire". All you need for install is a screwdriver. D-rings are found at craft stores, hardware stores, and Amazon. D-ring size is based on the weight of your artwork. Check that the size of your D-ring can support the weight of your work.  

Some frames already have hanging hardware installed. This is called "sawtooth". This method is great for bodies of work that can't support the D-rings (ie. it's too thin for a screw to be installed). However, wire-hang is preferred over sawtooth for canvases.

2D Artwork - Printing & Framing
2D digital artworks should be printed at the highest quality possible. You worked hard on your artwork and it deserves the best presentation! We recommend getting a frame. Most craft stores will be able to provide this service for you or you can buy a ready-made frame. This level of presentation will really elevate your artwork.
PRINTING: Print your artwork on heavyweight paper. Print shops have samples of papers for you to choose from. Heavyweight papers begin at 80lb. Printshops: Fedex, Reprographix, Cathead Press PRO TIP - If you design your artwork in a standard size, frame shopping will be a breeze! If your artwork is not a standard size, you might have to get a custom-made frame for it, which can get expensive). There are many sizes that are considered standard, such as 4"x6", 8"x10", 16"x20", 11"x17", or 18"x24". 

3D Artwork - Hanging

Some sculptures are meant to hang on the wall, but wire-hang doesn't always work. That's okay. Sawtooth hangs may be used in this case, but there are many solutions. If you're not sure, we might have some ideas for you!

French cleats are a premiere option for heavier or bulkier artworks that are meant to hang on the wall. You can get them pretty affordably at your local hardware store and are fairly easy to install if you've got a screwdriver!

Some sculptures may require a pedestal. We have a couple on hand for this purpose.

If you have your own apparatus or idea, bring it! We're pretty open to transforming the space. Don't be afraid to get creative!

4D Artwork

.Mp4s and .Movs work best with our projector! We would love for you to have your video piece on a flash drive AND emailed to us/shared via google drive, just to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Remember :

The goal should be for your artwork's presentation to look intentional and professional. Following these guidelines should give you such a result! If for some reason you need Chromatic Collective to prepare your artwork for you, this may incur a fee to cover the cost of the materials and labor involved.

We are always happy to give advice and guidance no matter what!