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In 2020, a group of Indianapolis artists came together to open what is called the Chromatic Collective. Chromatic Collective is an independent, artist-run gallery, specialty supply shop, and community workshop space located in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

They highlight local, up-and-coming talent and provide an accessible place for the community to connect and engage with art and artists. 


Meet The

Meet The

Erica Parker

Erica's studio work is full of character and vibrant colors. She is inspired by color theory, anime, and graffiti. Most of her artwork is created with aerosol & paint marker - but she also enjoys watercolor. It shows her softer side! 
Follow her work: @vivrant_thaang
Projects she likes: Interior & Exterior Murals (with creative freedom) 
                         Photo & Video Backdrops
Role at Chromatic: Team Director, Public Outreach


Rafael Caro

Rafael's work plays on perspective. He paints people, places, and animals using exaggerated viewpoints. His inspirations are jazz music, sign-painting, hand-drawn animations, and comic books. Most of his work is created with aerosol, acrylic, and enamel paints.  
Follow his work: @rafikigram
Projects he likes: Sign painting, Window Painting, Interior & Exterior Murals
Role at Chromatic: Fabricator, Designer, Overall Nice-Guy 

Michael Kane

Michael "Mon" Kane

Hailee Smith

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